Exorcist and Demonologist: Bishop James Long

Archbishop James Long is an Old Catholic bishop in Louisville, Kentucky. He studied for the Roman Catholic Priesthood for 6 years and was mentored by a validly ordained and trained Exorcist.

He has appeared in Bobby Mackey-based episodes of Ghost Adventures. He has also appeared on Exorcism Live, A Haunting, National Geographic, History Channel, A&E, First Investigation at the American Horror Story House, Booth Brothers Movies and more!

He has performed 30 documented Exorcisms and is highly respected within the Paranormal Community.

Bishop Long supports the LGBTQ+ community and he firmly believes that women can have a calling to serve within the Priesthood as well. Although Bishop Long has taken a voluntary vow of Celibacy, he believes that priests should be allowed to be married, single or celibate and that celibacy should not be forced upon those who have a calling to serve in ministry.