The Bros

The Delicious Nickalicious and Rob Dawg.

Nick and Rob met sometime in the 6th grade, circa 1996.  23 years of friendship has led them to The Brohio Podcast. They will make you laugh, you’ll shake your head, but they’re lovable Bros. They are….. Brohio



Nickalicious:  Nick is, normally, the louder of the two.  There probably isn’t a moment in his entire life that he has taken serious.  Nick has many stories from his life that end with him pooping his pants, seeing a ghost or being placed in an exceptionally awkward situation.  He is a die-hard Cincinnati Reds and Bengals fan.  Unfortunately, it’s been a life of torture.  Nick is also a bit of a WWE/WWF fan, going back to the late 80’s.

Rob Dawg: If Nick is the Lion, Rob is certainly the Lion tamer.  Rob is supreme, chillaxed dude, that is seldom shakeable.  Rob is a pop culture guru with an insatiable taste for craft beer.  Rob is a UFC fan like no another, seldom missing a fight.  Rob is knowledgeable about almost everything in the world and helps connect the huge gaps that Nick leaves.  Rob is a lifelong guitar player, playing in many bands, still recording to this day.