Uncanny Valley

In this episode we cover the mysterious Uncanny Valley and https://www.militarytimes.com/off-duty/military-culture/2022/11/01/here-be-giants-outlandish-tales-of-the-military-the-afghan-colossi/


Start the year off right with The Good…

Martial Law

In this spine-chilling episode, we delve into the ominous realm of martial law and confront the unsettling reality of its implications. Martial law, often invoked during times of crisis or unrest, brings with it a heavy-handed suspension of civil…

The Dogman

Join the bros as they explore the mysteries of the infamous “Dogman”



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The Woodchipper Murder

In this chilling episode, hosts Nick and Rob unravel the twisted tale of the Helle Crafts murder. Newtown, Connecticut, 1986: Helle vanishes, leaving her husband, Richard, under suspicion. Dive deep into the shocking cover-up, including the use of a…