Ep #19 Indiana Hell House

In this episode, we cover the infamous home from Gary, Indiana that was said to contain the portal to hell. 3 children, a mother and a grandmother experienced CONFIRMED demon activity in the home that medical, law enforcement and government officials all went on record as a witness to. A 7 year old boy walked backwards up a wall in one occasion, in the presence of a registered nurse. People that investigated were seemingly cursed and unexplained horrors followed them. 
Thanks, again, to the lovely Courtney C. for her research!
Official Child Protective Services Report
Indy Star Article

Ep #18 Salem Witch Trials

In the late 1600’s an entire village was caught in a display of mass hysteria. Hundreds of people were arrested for practicing witchcraft without a shred of evidence. Some were brutally murdered over these accusations. This episode covers those gruesome events. We also have a live, in studio guest from the United States Air Force. Ron is Phoenix Raven. We also hit on the creepy residual hauntings. 
Research assistance provided by the lovely, Courtney C. 

Ep #17 Alien Abductions

Have you ever wondered what type of god awful things happen to a person when they’re abducted by aliens? Aliens are creating a master race to take over the world by harvesting OUR sperm and eggs. We also have our first Brohio interview with Michael Menkin. Michael is the inventor of the Thought Screen Helmet. A helmet that has effectively thwarted many alien abductions. Michael is very well versed in Abductions and provided tremendous content during his interview. 
Michael’s website: Stop Alien Abductions

Ep #15 Shadow People

It is the middle of the night. Your eyes crack open. You see a completely blacked out man in a hat lurking at the foot of your bed. Your body is completely locked up. You can’t speak. You’re paralyzed. This episode covers the terror of Shadow People. What are they? How do you stop or get rid of them?
Disclaimer music credit to: Darren Curtis 

Ep #14 The Russian Sleep Experiment

Sometime in the 1940’s, a tale emerged from Mother Russia. A tale of political prisoners being locked in a chamber for the greater good of science. This was called The Russian Sleep Experiment. True, false, creepypasta? Either way, the horrors told in this episode will make your skin crawl. 
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Ep #13 US Government Human Experiments

What you don’t know about the US Government is: they’ve proven for many years that they will sacrifice ANYTHING when it comes to furthering their knowledge. Even if that includes mass slaughtering and experimentation on their very own people. This episode we cover human experiments carried out by the US Government. 
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Ep #12 Mandela Effect and Parallel Universe

Kit-Kat has a hyphen. The Monopoly guy has a monocle. Tinker Bell dots the eye in the opening scene of Disney movies. Wrong, wrong and wrong. The Bros discuss the Mandela Effect and the possibility of Parallel Universes. There’s some deep stuff going on here. Are we living in a computer simulation? 
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