Ep #50 Bohemian Grove

Nestled deep in the California redwoods is a campground and luxury resort where the most powerful men in the world all meet for 3 weeks out of the year.  There are eyewitness and victim accounts of viscous sexual abuse and child sacrifice. We explore what really happens in those woods and what things they talk about there. From the 40ft tall owl to the cremation of character ceremony, we think it is all part of something deeper and the government DOES NOT want us to know the truth .
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Ep #49 Portal To Hell: Stull Cemetery

We are giving it up to Satan on this one. Nestled in the corn, somewhere in Kansas, is said to be a cemetery so entrenched in darkness that the devil himself uses it to pass back and forth between earth and hell. Stull, Kansas is home to Stull Cemetery and a twisting tale of decades of death, despair and sadness. Welcome to: The Portal To Hell .

Ep #48 Disney Darkness

You’ve grown up on the timeless classics, just like us, but did you know there is a dark, checkered history behind the Disney Universe.  In this episode, we cover all things that are dark when it comes to the mouse! Dozens of people have died in the park, hauntings in Disney, the hidden agenda mind control that Disney is secretly enforcing. There is no end to the stories . We also discuss modern day classics and how they are all connected and used to break your mind down .
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Ep #47 “Dingos Ate My Baby!” The Azaria Chamberlain Story

This is a patreon sponsored episode!  Our friend Kylie chose the Azaria Chamberlain Story as her topic.  This topic took us to the wild land of AUSTRALIA!!!!!  The Chamberlain family was vacationing at Ayers Rock in the 1980’s.  The family was settlinging in for the night whe, Mother–Lindy Chamberlain, heard her baby crying 30ft away in their tent.  When she arrived to the tent, she allagedly observed a dingo running away with her baby.  The baby was never found, but Lindy was sentenced to life in prison for murder!!  A search warrant showed a tremendous amount of fetal blood in the family vehicle.  The police called it a sacraficial murder for their 7th Day Adventist beliefs.  This episode was a research monster and we are sure you’ll enjoy this true crime massacre.
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Ep #46 The Death and Conspiracy Of Adolf Hitler

With all the different accounts of how Adolf Hitler died, there are just as many accounts that presume that he lived and lead a peaceful life up in the mountains after WWII. Are there any truths to these conspiracies? Did he go to the moon, did she join a legion of hollow earthers? The Bros unravel this mystery. He also had a baby dick and we tell you all about that. 
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