Ep #66 TalHotBlond: The Ultimate Catfish Murder

Prepare yourselves for the most fun you’ll have all week.  This is the story about the online, whirling love story of MarineSniper1 and TalHotBlond.  We are very familiar with the fact that people often times portray themselves as someone they are not while online, we’ve all done it.  This murderous story takes the online game of Catfishing to an all new high!!  Prepare for the story of Thomas Montgomery (46) and his online teenage affair.

Ep #65 Unit 731

A human experiment operation so secretive, many people have never heard of it????  Maybe it’s the fact that the findings in these experiments were so coveted by the U.S. Government, the facts were all buried, never to be heard by the general public.  The atrocities committed at UNIT 731 are beyond fathomable. People, or “Logs”, as they were called, were subjected to absolute torture for the betterment of Japanese science.  To this day, the Japanese government won’t admit to the unspeakable acts that were inflicted on these people!


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Ep #63: MH370: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

You have lost your car keys, you have lost your dog, hell….. you might have lost your kids before.  But, have you ever lost an entire fuckin’ airplane?  That’s what Nick and Rob discuss in this patreon sponsored episode.  Many conspiracies surround the event of missing MH370.  A Boeing 777 took it’s final depature from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, never to be seen again.  Listen as we breakdown what happened to this ghost plane.

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Ep #62 Near Death and Reincarnation Experiences

This week, we explore the possibilities that when we die on this earth, there is more in store for us in the afterlife.  Do we become ghosts, do we come back?  We explore the truth behind heaven, hell and what they might be like.  Also, we bring you some stories from people that claim to have been to the otherside and they explain what they saw.


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Ep #61 Weis Markets Massacre

Thank you to Sarah for sponsoring this episode via Patreon!!  In this episode we cover a little-known massacre that occurred near Dallas, Pennsylvania.  Our subject, Randy Stair, was a YouTube vlogger whom couldn’t handle the pressures of running an unsuccessful YouTube channel.  He eventually reaches such a debilitating mental state that he started to speak to fictional cartoon characters in his head.  He pledged his life to them and promised to be with them in the afterlife.  This episode is absolutely nuts and you’ll love it.


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Ep #58 Doomsday Cults

We are back with another Patreon sponsored episode. We discuss putting your dick in bread pudding and cults that kill people and themselves. This is a long fun episode you don’t want to miss. Thanks, Lyndsay Wescott for your pledge and awesome topic!

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Ep #57 The Kennedy Curse

One of the most storied families in the history of the USA are the Kennedys.  You may be familiar with the death of JFK, but there are many other deaths and misfortunes associated with this family that lead to the belief that they’re cursed.  The patriarch, Joseph Kennedy Sr, was a sex addict that was deeply rooted in the organized crime mafias in Chicago during the early 1900’s. His thirst for political greatness guided his decisions he made about his family. This includes: hiding from the public a daughter that he sought a lobotomy for.  She was exiled from the family, never to be seen or heard from after the damage from the surgery was done.

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Ep #56 Appalachian Nightmares

This was a patreon sponsored episode from Matt Hursh! In this episode, we cover the mysterious beasts that hide in the Appalachian mountain range of the USA. Not only do we cover these monsters, we also share some tales of paranormal experiences that plague the mountains. In Greenbrier County, a murder unfolded where the only time in history, the testimony of a ghost helped to convict a murderer. This episode is all over the place and WE KNOW YOU WILL LOVE IT!

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