Ep #7 Urban Legend/Spiritual Games

The Bros of Brohio cover the games that have tempted spiritual fate for decades. Bloody Mary, The Midnight Man, 3 Kings Game, The Corner Game….it’s all covered in this hair raising episode.  Urban Legend and Spiritual games from all over the globe.  **DISCLAIMER** DON’T TRY ANY OF THESE GAMES. We warned you.

Ep #5 911 Calls and Creepy Sounds

This topic was voted to the top by the Brohio Nation.  We are covering 911 phone calls and creepy, chilling sounds.  Monkeys ripping people’s faces off, exorcisms, weeping serial killers… Brohio covers it all this episode.

Episode #5

Ep #4 Slender Man

Episode #4 and the mysterious, Slender Man. Is he real, fake, myth, legend, demon? The Bros of Brohio break it down. We also dive into the attempted murder of a 12 year old girl by 2 of Slender Man’s “proxies”.

Episode #4


Ep #3 Nuclear Armageddon

What is the possibility of a global nuclear war? How close are we to turning the planet into a desolate wasteland? The Bros.tell you the gut wrenching facts about what to expect during a modern-day nuclear explosion. Rob also stepped in some shat at work this week and we discussed that.

Episode #3




On part 2 of this split episode, we tell you about Black Eyed Children. Imagine waking up to a loud banging in the middle of the night at the front door.  You open the door to 2 pale children with eyes as dark and empty as the world’s deepest cave. You are instantly too sick to move. Let the Bros of Brohio save you from this nightmare.

Part 2

Ep #2 1 of 2 Haunted Athens Ohio

The Bros are bringing you part 1 of 2 of an episode where we investigate the vicious hauntings in Athens Ohio.  We will talk about an insane asylum that performed dozens of lobotomies everyday. Part 2 we will blow the lid off the little known Black Eyed Children and why you should never let them in your house.


Episode #2